Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas, you lovable internet dwellers. 

I gave my brother his only request, an extra Dualshock 4, but also a foot-tall Sackboy figure (he loves LBP, so I had to pick it up when I saw it in a collectibles store), a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy on bluray, inFamous: First Light and the sublime Alien Isolation.  Kayla made off with eight gigs of requested music for her iPod, a white-gold chain for her pendants (her last one broke), a big set of makeup brushes from Sephora and a POÄNG with matching footstool from Ikea (she'd been fawning over it for like a year, every time we went to the store).   

I had suspected Kayla had procured the Wind Waker Link Nendoroid for me when, a few weeks ago, she was clearly browsing Nendos.  I walked into the bedroom and she held up her iPad to me.  "She's so cute!" she proclaimed.  It was the Nendo of Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagaan.  

Obviously, my first thought was I can never let her see the source material for this, which is sage advice I will now ignore.  

Still, she was right.  Like all Nendos, Yoko's is totally adorable - even if she is wearing a flaming bikini top, short shorts and thigh highs.  

My second thought was "well, she's getting that for Christmas."  My girlfriend expressed interest in a Nendo - she's getting it - and so, she has.  It is my fondest wish that Yoko will merely be the beginning of a collection for her. 

Kayla and I also took on Christmas Eve dinner duties - it's always been tradition in my family to have a big dinner for Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day, and this year my parents decided they've been putting them on for a few decades and they're sick of it - so Kayla and I stepped up.  I made the Nanimo bars, which you must experience if you haven't, Kayla got some hand-made perogies, and I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen making sure the turkey and potatoes and kolbassa turned out okay.  

I can appreciate why the last generation found it a bit exhausting. 

Anyway, today is Christmas day, and I got things!  What things?  These things. 

Geek happines comes on discs.

Not bad, not bad at all - if I do say so myself.  The entire top half of this image is courtesy of Kayla, who secured me Link's Nendoroid (who is adorable - after I unwrapped Link and she unwrapped Yoko, she proclaimed "we're awesome"), the original Mad Max Trilogy (which she saw me oohing and ahhing over at Wal-Mart, and promptly decided to purchase), Ghost in the Shell Arise: Borders 1 & 2 (which should damn well need no introduction), a fully paid-off preorder for the first big game of 2014, Dying Light, and a physical copy of the only full-release Vita game I really loved in 2014, Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed.

My parents procured Futurama's final season on Bluray and - going off-list, which is usually a horrible idea, when it comes to me - what the box assures me is a uniquely peaty scotch from the oldest still-functioning distillery in the Scotland.
"Bowmore's celebrated Single Malt has been distilled on this jewel of an island, the Queen of the Hebrides, ever since 1779. This makes it the first of Islay's eight distilleries chronologically speaking (and by taste too, many would say). Now, as then, Bowmore is widely acknowledged to be among the finest and most perfectly balanced single malts in the world."
Yeah, I'm... I'm looking forward to trying this.

Finally... I get a little selfish around Christmas.  'Tis better to give, of course, and I try to buy people so much it makes them uncomfortable.  As the same time, I am conscious of the fact that very few people go as nuts to Christmas as I do, so I tend to reserve some funds just to buy stuff for myself - so that no matter what my loved ones get me, I'll have some stuff I'm happy with (it's weird - I know - don't judge).  

This year, I snagged myself Dragon Age Inquisition, because I didn't want to put it on my Christmas list and risk someone not getting it for me, and I didn't want to fight Boxing Day crowds for a cheap copy. Warm Bodies was finally under fifteen bucks at Best Buy, Cowboy Bebop's bluray release was an insta-buy when I walked past it in the store, and I am absolutely thrilled to have Satoshi Kon's Opus.  

I finally cracked it open today after finishing Dr. McNinja, and it's wonderful, so far.  Very Kon. 

Link & the ladies.

And that's my Christmas!  I hope yours was awesome too :) 


  1. Excellent haul.
    I too bought the Cowboy Bebop bluray set for Christmas. This is my first time watching it. Six episodes in and loving it.

    1. I saw it when I was pretty young. For me it was one of those "I didn't know cartoons could do this" shows.

      Also - I tried that scotch? Oh my God. My Dad said he bought it because it had the most "interesting bottle" in the size he was looking for - but it's amazing. It's unbelievably smooth, but has this big hit of smoke on it - though the smoke's not way-too-intense like some whiskeys I've tried. Kayla and I went out today, hit a liquor commission and bought a full-sized bottle. If I had unlimited funds I'd probably play around more, but until I win the lottery, I think I've found my scotch.

      Also, it's like half the price of an eighteen-year Glenlivet. Bowmore 12 year. If you can? Try it.

    2. Good thing your Dad happened to go with that one. I know what I'll be looking for the next time I'm in a liquor store.