Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Music post? Music post.

Big music post.

I've spent an unusually-large amount of time this week online browsing fine Japanese cooking knives and hanging around Bandcamp, Songza and Soundcloud. What I ended up with is some lovely mixes of old blues, some pleasantly growly, dark contemporary blues and some cool, weird stuff.

Where to begin, where to begin... let's start with somethin' pretty rocky - but before we do, fair warning - things are gonna' get pretty strange before we're done.

Line break!

Poldoore likes to remix old soul and blues.

Oh!  And speaking of old soul and blues, I came across this playlist (my favorite band in the world) The Heavy put together on Spotify called Vintage & Rares.  Some fantastic stuff, on here - and pleasantly, a lot of stuff I already have.

Hmmm YouTube's version really sucks... let me see what else I can find... it is rare, after all... here, let's see if this embeds... nope, not workin'.  Here's a good version on GrooveShark, and here's the tinny YouTube video:

Delicious.  What else, what else... oh!  Haven you beaten Far Cry 4 yet?  Y'know that great song that plays as you drive along towards the end?  Well that's by The Bombay Royale, and they... are worth knowing.  They have a lot of worthy tracks, but none really captures everything they're capable of, so I'm going with this funny little ditty.

Okay, now let's just chill out with some Mononome.

And speaking of electronic, y'know what I'm still loving?  WeAreCastor.

But anyway, back to newer stuff.  Or new to me.  Y'know The Black Angels?  They're kinda' like The Black Keys if The Black Keys were more depressing.

If Dan Auerbach sounds a lot like The Black Keys, that's because he's the guy from The Black Keys.

Let's do one more Poldoore remix.  This one's very mixed.

Semi-finally, I came across a band last night called The Peach Kings.  They kinda' feel like the successors to Blanche, for me.  Man I want another Blanche album.  Anyway... this one's full-size because it's totally NSFW.  It has eerie cartoon jubblies in it.

This one has no jubblies, and honestly I think the song is better without the video.

And finally... let's go with some straight-up blues.  Jessie Mae Hemphill.

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