Saturday, December 6, 2014

The PlayStation Experience keynote.

Alright.  Let's see if this was worth the hype.  What I want :

1 new PS4 announcement that'll make me go woo!

1 new Vita announcement that'll make me go woo!

1 western-developed Vita game that's not an indie.  Finger's crossed.


Sizzle reel... and now Shawn Layden's up (remember, he's the guy who took over SCEA from Jack Tretton). He's wearing a God of War shirt... I hope that's prophetic.  After Ascension I could go for a really good God of War.

Hm!  Layden's doing a much better job than he did at E3. More confident.

Trailer!  "Running entirely in real time on a PS4 system...!"  oh that hypes me.  Those words hype me.

Uncharted 4.

Well that was... stunningly, mind-bogglingly gorgeous and had me laughing out loud at its awesomeness.  So that's good.  And the fact that it glitched out halfway through really was a nice touch to show it's real, and not scripted.  Very nice.

  • Improved platforming animations. 
  • Combat very much informed by TLoU, stylish and brutal. 
  • Incredibly good-looking. 
  • Uncharted.

The crew from Studio San Diego (MLB The Show) is up.  Myeh.  But now they're announcing a new game!  "A free to play game that doesn't punish the player or take away from the game playing experience."  It's called Kill Strain.  A top-down multiplayer game launching on PS4 in 2015.

5v2v5 team structure..?  Weird. No trailer.

Hidetaka Miyazaki's up (Bloodboooooorne!). Showing off the "Chalice Dungeon."  "The dungeon is like a Roguelike game in the way they're created.  It changes its appearance based on the player."

The dungeon looks designed - it doesn't look less-impressive than the custom-built areas of Bloodborne - and the graphics remain supersexy.

Moving on!

Adam Boyes is up. Talking about Destiny and how much time people have spent with it, and the PlayStation timed-exclusive content (strikes, a new shotgun, et cetera).

Street Fighter IV is coming to PS4, but not Xbox One by the sounds of it. Includes all costume DLC.
"What? Were you expecting some other Street Fighter announcement? That's super-weird."

Killing Floor 2 gets a trailer.  Looks very Doom-y - I can dig it.


YESSSS!!!!  Coming "exclusively to Playstation" in 2015.  Doesn't specify which platofrm but whatever I am hyyyyped!  [update] PS4 and Vita.  I am freaking out. [/update]

The Forest looks like a first-person-horror-survival.  Very cool!  "Making its dystopian console debut on PS4."

Persona 5 officially announced for localization.

Bastion is coming to PS4 and Vita!  Woo!

Now it's an Orcs Must Die Unchained trailer.

Peter Moore is up.

EA is giving away Need for Speed Most Wanted for Vita (which I JUST bought), Mirror's Edge for PS3 and Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4.  Wow.  That's... super-cool of them.

Only free until the end of PlayStation Experience tomorrow night.  "Happy Birthday PlayStation."

Dungeon Defenders 2 trailer.

Gorgeous pixel-art... Skytorn looks amazing! Coming to PS4.

Drinkbox is bringing Severed to Vita.  Good.  I love Drinkbox.

Shovel Knight is coming to PS4.  I feel like I'd be hyped if it were on Vita. It is coming to Vita!  I'm hyped!

Endering the Gungeon coming to PlayStation platforms.

God, I'm so happy about Darkest Dungeon. 

Batman Arkham Knight is up next.  It's another trailer.

Street Fighter V confirmed for PS4 - and cross-platform play between PS4 and PC players.  Ohmigod!

"PlayStation 4 will be the only console this game ever appears on."  Wow.  No timed exclusivity doublespeak here.

And now some gameplay.  Let's see it!

Gio Corsi's up!  Tell us about all those JRPGs you're bringin' to Vita, Gio.

Yakuza 5 is coming to PS3 in NA. Wow.  Yakuza 4 and Dead Souls will be available today on PSN!  Wow.


Seven more games for the platform!

Suikoden I and II coming to Vita in NA next week!  Wow.

TowerFall Ascension is coming to Vita.  Shrug.  With an expansion pack, Dark World coming "early next year."

Octodad is coming to Vita!  Nice.

Super Time Force Ultra is coming to PS4, and Vita!  Woo!With Shu Yoshida as a playable character who shoots neon hearts!  Oh yes.  I'm in.


This is fucking awesome.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to Vita!  "Launching digitally in the spring."

Fuck yes.

Gang Beasts, which looks meh but comes from Double Fine is coming to PS4.

Tim Schafer's up!  They're talking about Broken Age!

Broken Age: The Complete Adventure is coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015, day and date with the Act II release on PC!


This is so awesome.  This is like their E3 2013 press conference all over again.

Grim Fandango Remastered will launch on PS4, Vita, Mac, PC and Linux on January 27th! Woo!

Day of the Tentacle Special Edition is also coming to Sony platforms!  Also coming to PS4 and Vita!


So awesome.

Finally. Sony Santa Monica is up.  Shannon Studstill (never seen her before) comes up on stage.  4 games announced today!

First:  Fat Princess Adventures. Looks like a co-op top-down adventure-RPG.

Next, Wattam from the folks who made Journey.

The Ian Dallas from Giant Sparrow (Unfinished Swan).  Their next game is What Remains of Edith Finch.

And now The Order's up!  It's... the footage we got last night at the game awards - plus a lot of gunfighting in a kitchen.

Media Molecule is up to show Tearaway Unfolded, so I'm going for a smoke.

Hm... Unfolded looks like it is made of almost-entirely new content.  That's cool.  Ooh, trailer for it!

So pretty.

Peter Samuels from Super Massive (horror game Until Dawn)... that was a God of War sound sting...  okay he's talking about Until Dawn. looks completely like an interactive movie with quicktime events, and occasionally you aim a flashlight or vase, and sometimes you walk slowly around areas.

I'm getting flashes of Beyond: Two Souls, but the storytelling looks better.

Now Shinji Hashimoto from Squenix is up.

Man, this thing is still going strong at two hours.

He's talking about FFVII... you've got to be kidding me.  "We are bringing that title back to the PlayStation."


Showing footage of the original game... coming to PS4... maybe it's not a remake.  "Relive the critical hit..."

I think it's just an up-port, man.  It's not a remake.  Yep.

Just an up-port.

Nobody cares.  I can play this on my Vita, Squenix.  This is a nothing-announcement.  Yeah, it's a port of the PC version, coming to PS4. "Upscaled original graphics."

That became super-exciting for ten seconds and then deflated into a pit of disappointment.  You still got it, Squenix.

Aw they're recreating the history of PlayStation games in LBP3.  That's adorable!

Sean Murray is up - he's the wonderful fellow from Hello Games (No Man's Sky).

"Everything you're about to see is real-time on PlayStation 4.  We can only show you a little right now, but come back here tonight at 9PM when we can show you a whole bunch more."

(Sigh.)  Breathtaking.

David Jaffe is finally up.  Let's see what he's been cooking up.

Barlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.  Drawn To Death a third-person multiplayer arena shooter set inside a high school kid's notebook. Wow, this looks very striking... but it feels kinda' like just another 3PS.

Whelp.  No new God of War.  That shirt was not prophetic. Still, as a Vita lover, this was like someone stuck a funnel in my mouth and filled it with ambrosia. So hyped.

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