Sunday, December 7, 2014

Three Things.

First of all, Cory Barlog is working on a new God of War, confirmed at PSX.  Barlog returned to GoW studio Sony Santa Monica in 2013, and news of him working on a new God of War title is nothing but good news.  Barlog's God of Wars, in terms of narrative, were the best God of Wars (he wrote the first one, directed the second, and wrote the two PSP games), and he's a guy who really gets the... romance of the series.

I don't care if it's for PS4 or Vita - either way, it'll be fantastic, if he's in charge.  Please don't saddle us with bullshit multiplayer again, Sony.

Second, if you want a giant poster-sized .PNG of Bloodborne's cover art, you can grab it right here.  Then just go to Staples or something and have 'em print it out on giant, glossy paper.

Third, and finally, if you are kinda' peeved that your first real look at Uncharted 4's gameplay was constrained by a stream or YouTube compression, Endless of All Games Beta has, wonderfully, set up a download of uncompressed footage.   Enjoy!

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