Thursday, December 18, 2014

Variety! Part II : The Varieting.

Kayla and I do this thing where we (try to) have a nice date night once a month, and last night we went out to dinner, visited a local games store and saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  It's the best of the trilogy, in terms of never being bored throughout it,but it makes me want to revisit the second one just to get a bit more Smaug goin' on.  What Smaug Five Armies has is the best Smaug that's ever Smaug'd.

The theatre was kinda' screwy in that all of the pre-show audio was super-low and out of synch with the video, and the guy in the seat next to me was... a large gentleman, so as I had to kinda' twist my whole body to accommodate this imposition on my personal space, I spent most of the movie with my muscles threatening to go into full-on cramp mode.  Also, that there were no trailers - which made me want to go find a trailer for Into The Woods that wasn't all teaser-y... annnd...  let's see here... YouTube's got nothin' -  oh my God they're making Kite into a live-action movie?

That's... weird.

Anyway, at the games store, Kayla procured my Christmas present - a fully-paid preorder on Dying Light for PS4 (woo!) - and I procured the game of 2014 I feel guiltiest for not playing.

In other news, I've slipped right back in to a feverish Don't Starve obsession on my Vita.  Today, I finally survived the duration of an absolutely brutal summer, and the rainy season has begun - thank God.

I find it kind of incredible that we're nearly three weeks into December, and there is still a release in 2014 I'm hyped for - Resogun on Vita.  Can't wait for that one.

Anyway, after the movie we got home by like 9:30, and were responsibly in bed by 10:00.  Then my digestive tract began revolting against some offensive aspect of my dinner, and I was up till 02:00 dealing with that.  So I worked all day today, I'm totally exhausted, and I'm going to...

I'm going to...

Well, heck.  I'm gonna' check out Dragon's Age.

Oh, also, I've decided I'm getting this Nendo.  Somewhere, beyond the far edge of our galaxy in the unknown depths of the universe, a legendary device known as the All Seeing Cute-O-Meter sensed the existence of this Nendoroid upon its creation, overloaded, and shattered into infinite tiny sparkling pieces.  Its caretakers could only send the briefest of messages before the explosion - "too cute."

I don't even watch Nichijou, but this thing is totes adorbs. This is happening.

[update]  Oh, also, I wanted to mention.  Sony pulling the release of The Interview because of some vague threat.  I doubt you were going to see The Interview, and I certainly wasn't, either - I'll wait for it to be on Netflix or something, like I did with Pineapple Express and This Is The End - but I think it's safe to say that we all feel like that's total bullshit, and gives a green light to anyone who wants to threaten violence to force companies, people, artists to kowtow to... bullies.

Film/Book/Game X features something you don't like?  You just threaten to bomb a store selling it - yoink - off the shelves.  Wasn't that easy?

On the other hand, remember when that Danish cartoonist drew a comic and extremists got all pissed off and killed him?  That shit happens, man.  I just wish that the people making these threats would do so without a mask on, so they could be subsequently whacked across the head with a large explosive device.

It's a terrible precedent, that's been set here. [/update]

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