Saturday, January 31, 2015

I am loving all these Darkest Dungeon streams.

Red Hook gave away a ton of Early Access keys to streamers yesterday, and ever since I've been pretty much glued to my computer, watching people of various skill levels either getting their asses handed to them or (much more rarely) kicking the crap out of the game.

Last night, I watched a dude whose party was built around a Jester who just sat in the back and... man, it really sold me on Jesters.

A Vestal (2nd from left, above) can heal the entire party for 1-2 health each turn - not bad!  The Jester can reduce everyone's stress - everyone in the party - every single turn.  The streamer's tactics consisted of alternating between the Jester's stress reduction and his party buff, which I never got a close enough look at.  Plus accuracy?  Plus dodge?  I don't know, but after watching that team roll for an hour with no one hitting 100 stress and getting Afflicted, I know I'm training up a Jester as soon as I can.

Can't wait.  Can't wait!  This is indeed a week(end) of torment!

Oh, also, I'm really enjoying Dying Light.  It takes a while to get up to speed (so to speak), but no, it's fabulous.

Currently the frontrunner for a Darkest Dungeon header. 

Hear ye all, the ballad of Buttz the Jester.

If this embeds properly... this is the steam mentioned above.  This guy had logged 15 hours before starting this stream, so he has some experience with the game - but the stream represents a fresh playthrough, on a new save. has a thing about autoplaying which I don't know how to shut off, so we'll just put it behind a page break.

Watch live video from Dansnax on Twitch

There is a... pronounced difference between this dude and the streams of people who've just started the game.  Watching Jim Sterling's stream was... kinda' painful - and he's not alone in getting his ass handed to him by Darkest Dungeon - but the above streamer knows what he's doing.

Watching his stream is second only to the guy who fought the Wizened Hag for the first time, had everyone go crazy and wiped his squad.  He was super pissed.

That was awesome.

This image is also pitching a fine campaign for a Darkest Dungeon header.

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