Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wonder Womaaaan.

The other day I walked up to a desk an associate was working at, and there was a Wonder Woman action figure by the monitor.  We got into a short chat about what female superheroes, if any, could be named that needed their own movie.

"Well Catwoman," she said.  "Except they made it already, and it was awful."

"Yeah, but imagine if someone made a good Catwoman movie.  I would totally see that."

But, try as we might, we couldn't think of anyone other than Catwoman and Wonder Woman.  Then a colleague who's big into comics walked by, and we put it to him - which female super hero deserves to have her own movie?

He shrugged.  "Wonder Woman."

(Then told us that, with modern comics, Miss Marvel probably deserves one too.)


  1. We don't talk about Catwoman (2004). *shudders*

    We won't be waiting very long since DC/Warner Bros. currently has the Wonder Woman movie scheduled for June 2017. Marvel has their Miss Marvel (as Captain Marvel) movie scheduled for July 2018. It's about time they get the ball rolling on some female-lead hero movies.

    1. Look man, Catwoman happened. It happened to all of us, and ignoring it isn't going to help. We must all remember Catwoman, and keep these two words sacred:

      "Never again."

    2. "Do you remember the basketball scene? Remember the basketball scene?!"

    3. I don't actually remember a basketball scene. No doubt it was razed from my mind, like a trauma memory.