Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eight supercool PSN games are coming in the next eight weeks.

PSN's Spring Fever thing is a pretty pleasant treat.  Usually when these indie showcases come along, there are - at best - one or two games I'm interested in .  Here, I am interested in all but two - Jamestown+ holds no great appeal for me and I lack the nostalgia to appreciate Metal Slug in any way beyond its luscious animated sprites... the rest?  The rest are gettin' bought.

...except for Bastion and Axiom Verge, 'cause their Vita versions won't be available at launch.  But they will be bought when their Vita versions appear - so here's what we got!

March 3rd - Helldivers.

Four-player friendly-fire-is-always-on co-op, top-down shooting and an awesome trailer to back it up.  It's cross-buy, so you get the game on PS3, PS4 and Vita for the low-low price of $20.  Or eighteen with PS+.

March 10th, Hotline Miami 2.  Which should need no goddamned introduction - again, cross-buy across all three Sony platforms, but for the low-low price of fifteen bucks.

March 17th, Jamestown+ - a bullet hell shooter, PS4 only, twelve bucks.

March 24th, Metal Slug 3, cross-buy on all three platforms, fifteen bucks and...

*you actually turn into a zombie in this level and can projectile vomit incredibly destructive blood. 

...okay that looks pretty awesome.  I mean... watch this - this looks pretty awesome.

I'll think about it.  But it's not like I won't have enough games to buy this month, I mean, yeah, I'm probably skipping...

March 31st - Axiom Verge - retro-styled Metroidvania, PS4 only, $20 (call me when it lands on Vita).


April 7th, Bastion, which is totally awesome, but PS4 only - $15 - I'll day-one it when it lands on Vita.  What I won't skip is...

April 14th - Titanl Souls.

A top-down indie darling in which you take on a bunch of colossal and beautiful bosses (and nothing else) armed with nothing but a bow and a single arrow that returns to you when you call it.  Ten bucks, cross buy on PS4 and Vita.

Looks supercool. Finally, this digital affair comes to a close with last year's most-celebrated indie, Shovel Knight.

April 21st, fifteen bucks, cross-buy on all three platforms, Shovel Knight is one of Kickstarter's great success stories - a game that seriously delivered on its promise of NES-styled action-platforming goodness and earned a lot of critical acclaim last year with its PC and Wii U verisons.

So let's do some math here.  I'm going to assume fifteen bucks for Olli Olli 2 on the third, plus we've got Bloodborne at the end of March - that's at least another ninety - so...

$15 - Olli Olli 2
$20 - Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines
$18 - Helldivers  
$13.50 - Hotline Miami 2  
$90 - Bloodborne...

...that's... a hundred and sixty bucks before the end of March.  ...maybe I'll skip Helldivers...

Good thing I didn't buy Cyril.

...damnit, Helldivers looks so cool...

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  1. I can't recommend Shovel Knight enough. It's such a charming experience that brought nothing but smiles to my face.