Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Game Diary - on my phone.

Thus far, XCOM: Enemy Within on my phone is exactly what I wanted.  It controls well - or as well and as quickly as a touchscreen tactics game can - and the graphics are nothing to sneeze at.  When you have a decent overhead view of the field, the textures on items look... well, phenomenal, actually.  It's only when the camera really zooms in that you can tell they're using lower-res art, and - most importantly - this doesn't hurt the experience of XCOM.

My soldiers are still very human, they can still freak out and get panicked, and it's still crushing when they take an irreparable plasma blast to the face.  It is an absolute boon to have this game on the go, and given that my phone is likely to stay very near me for a very long time, I may actually finish the Enemy Within expansion, this time.  Yay.

I'll admit, though, the way the game scratches the Roguelike/tactics itch just makes me doubly wish I had a portable version of Darkest Dungeon's Early Access.  I'm at work and I'm still thinking about Darkest Dungeon.  I'm checking patch release notes on my phone (something I haven't done since my World of Warcraft days) and feeling super-disappointed that they've nerfed the Hellion.

I mean seriously - what is the point of nerfing Breakthrough?  It's literally identical to Grapeshot Blast!  If you wanted to nerf it, bring its crit chance down so it's in line with Grapeshot - don't make it add a two-turn -20% damage -10% dodge debuff on my Hellion!  That just means I'll never use it, like Bleed Out.

Honestly, who uses a DoT that renders their character all-but-useless for two turns?  The point of a DoT is that it takes time, and in that time, I'd still like to be able to do shit.

Ahhh.  Passion.


  1. they did what?! no. nonononononononono! That was the ONLY reason I used a hellion.

    1. Buffed Plague Doctor and Grave Robber, too.

  2. well... GR needed it. couldn't stand her except for the hag fight.