Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just finished The Order: 1886.

It is a benefit, I often find, to go into a game with lowered expectations.  I expected The Order's cutscenes to feel endless - they didn't.  They were entertaining, and I love the game's world and characters.  I expected the gunplay to feel stilted and uncomfortable - it wasn't.  It's Gears of War: Steampunk, complete with the roadie run.  I expected its short length to feel like robbery, when I paid eighty bucks for it.

It doesn't feel that way.  Chamberlain will, no doubt, take issue with the game's boss-fights-as-quicktime events, but I do not.  I still remember fighting Liquid Ocelot on top of Outer Haven and how fucking awesome that was, when every particle of a game's energy was pointed at making this confrontation as beautiful and cinematically epic as possible.

I'll get in to a nice, detailed review after I've put some time into the game on hard mode, but yeah.

I have very little ill to say of The Order: 1886.

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