Wednesday, February 25, 2015

That was a close one.

Yesterday, my buddy Kris let me read a graphic novel called We3.  It's about a dog, a cat and a rabbit who were turned in to living weapons by the government, and it's probably the best graphic novel I've seen since V for Vendetta.  So, yesterday, Kayla and I went to our favorite collectibles store to procure a copy.

There it was - softcover, twenty-six bucks... but for some reason I demurred.  We're trying to save money lately, and maybe I'd feel a bit better about spending it on the book in the future.  Kayla, meanwhile, found herself smitten with the four hundred and fortieth Nendoroid - Suigintō, from Rozen Maiden, which I've never seen.

I had no idea she was in to the gothic lolita thing, but there you go.  I, for my part, am thrilled she went out and bought herself a Nendo with her own money.  She has, in doing so, tacitly enabled my own predilections, and there was in fact a figure I really wanted to find in the store.

Cyril Brooklyn.

She's a "cast off," for those of us who know what that means, but I prefer the way she looks just like this:

  • glasses
  • short hair
  • conservative, professional blouse
  • military markings and a bullpup sub-machinegun. 
I love all these things - and obscenely long legs don't hurt, particularly when the piece is such an excellent representation of Shirow Masamune (Ghost in the Shell)'s style.  I thought they might have her because they have an older Masamune fig - a cowgirl in a bikini - and so I asked about Cyril. 

No dice.  

Kayla and I milled around the store, and I bought the Hannibal FunkoPOP. 

I love that Hannibal TV series.  I turned to FigureGAF for help, and they almost-instantly found a Cyril Brooklyn for sale for about ten thousand yen, from a seller who we can be assured is not hawking bootlegs (for bootlegs do indeed exist of Cyril).  

I went to the site they directed me to.  I signed up. 

I paused.  

I didn't order Cyril Brooklyn.  

Do I want that figure?  Yes I do.  But maybe that's a line that shouldn't be crossed.  I can't... defend her purchase to myself by saying I love the anime or I love the game she's from.  She's just a super-sexy figurine, and that... 

That is perhaps a first step I'd rather not take. 

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