Monday, March 2, 2015

A Vanillaware-inspired brawler-RPG's on Kickstarter. In other news...

It's called The Vagrant and while it's not quite up to Vanillaware's standards, it is at least a 2D sprite-based brawler with pretty-good animation and...


...big, bouncy boobs.

But if it comes to Vita, you know I'm down.  They're asking for twenty thousand pounds, but... I'll be honest, for some reason I'll be surprised if this actually gets made.  £20,000 ain't much money - I'm not sure they know what they're getting in to.

In other news, it's the Monday before the first Tuesday of the month, and the PlayStation Blog still hasn't announced March's PlayStation Plus lineup.  This is unheard of, and I want Olli Olli or Oreshika to be free, please and thank you.

Or Helldivers, that'd be cool.  Save me money, please.

Also in other news, The Order's review is coming along very well, in fact, but will require more time.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to it, as Kayla are in the process of moving in together - which turns out to be a very involved activity - but I'm gonna' try my best to have it done before the week is out.

...'cause when we actually move in on Saturday, I won't have an Internet connection until Monday...

The horror.

The horror.

Oh, also, in other news, Night in the Woods probably won't come out 'till 2016.  Which kinda' sucks 'cause that game looks hella cool.

It sure does, Mae.  It sure does. 

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