Saturday, March 21, 2015

God of War III is coming to PS4 on July 14th.

Fresh on the heels of that God of War 4 rumor, Sony's announced a PS4 up-port of the pretty-goddamned-incredible God of War III for PS4, running at 1080p and "targeting 60fps."

This feels like somethin' I'm going to have to pick up.  God of War III made a few missed steps - the grapple system and final boss fights were disappointing - but the rest of it was a raging torrent of awesomeness.

Some of the greatest video game moments I've ever experienced took place in God of War III - the Poseidon battle, the great puzzle cubes, Hercules, oh man - the Hades fight!  Remember the Hades fight?

This is not concept art - this is a screenshot

Plus, even those five frames of his sandal stepping out over that cliff (from God of War I) still makes me well up - Kratos holds a lot of sway, with me.  I love the big, angry lug, and while yes, I want DmC Definitive Edition and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, I need God of War III: Remastered.

That is, one hundred percent, getting a purchase. Oh, and the post announcing it was written by Cory Barlog.

That's important for two reasons.  One, Barlog (who wrote what are inarguably the best God of War narratives with GoWII, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) is back at Sony Santa Monica, and has kinda'-sorta-leaked that he's there to make God of War 4 - which would be awesome.

Second, Barlog has a... candid writing style that makes for a better-than-average press release.  Enjoy his beautiful words here.


  1. I liked 3... but wasn't 2 that much better? Am I alone in calling that the high water mark?

    1. In overall design and pacing - no, you're correct. In pure spectacle and combat systems, I'll take 3. 2 was, one should note, the only GoW Barlog directed ^.^