Sunday, March 29, 2015

I backed my first Kickstarter today.

This is actually... a timely post, given that the last one was about Broken Age.  Anyway!

After failing to Kickstart the orgasmic gaming bliss that is Darkest Dungeon, I promised myself I would never again let a Kickstarter that sparked my imagination (and had a good chance of actually keeping its promise) go un-funded, by yours truly.  I haven't suffered much, by way of temptation, since making that promise, but on Friday Kotaku highlighted a book that I want a copy of. 

Chainmail Bikini is a 200-page paperback book of gaming comics from the perspective of female gamers.  It covers LARPing, tabletop roleplaying, and of course video games.  For $10 you'll get a .PDF of all the comics as soon as the Kickstarter ends on April 2nd.  For $25, you'll get the .PDF and paperback copy of the book when it appears later this year, and for $35 you'll get it shipped to Canada because your ancestors decided to drop anchor in the wrong damned country.

But still - if I saw this thing in a bookstore, saw a price tag of $30, and acknowledged I'd have to pay another $5 in tax to see it safely home?  I would buy this book.

So I did.

And y'know what?  I am.

I am the best.

Chainmail Bikini's Kickstarter closes in three days, so get in there if you want your copy.

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