Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Things - two of them movies.

I apologize for the lack of proper postage, today.  Duty has required my attention elsewhere, but it has afforded me access to my hot new cell, and thus the internet.  In my sojourn across these digital wilds, there are three things I'm compelled to bring to your attention.

Well, four.  It's totally awesome that you can deflect bullets in Bloodborne. 

Three, the new Mad Max trailer is, as usual, the hotness.  Plot seems... thin.

"I'm a human being, not an object!  I'm wearing all white so you know I'm good!"

"My object-ladies have, strangely, fled.  Let us pursue them via an awesome chase sequence muahahahahahaaaah I'm evil."

Second, It Follows appears to be the next horror movie I need to see.

And finally, April's PS+ lineup has been announced and there's some doozies.

I get to try out indies Tower of Guns and Aaru's Awakening, I get a digital copy of the sublime spiritual sequel to Thief, Dishonored, and I get Monsterbag, which I was gonna' buy anyway.

Sweet.  G'night.

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