Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bloodborne screenshot time.

Still deeply in love with the game.  Here's some lovely screenshots which (I feel) illustrate a tiny sliver of its remarkable art direction. There are some spoilery scenes, here, so I'll leave those after the break. Oh, also, all of these are 1920x1080, but they've been compressed by Twitter. day Sony will come up with a better sharing solution.

The moon is particularly gorgeous and sinister around Yarnham.  More on that soon.

 I love the animation for folding the bladed whip back into the cane - you stamp the tip on the ground, like a proper genteel lady, making a firm point.

Sorry there's no shots of combat.  But, y'know - fighting for your life and all.

This one reminds me of Tomb Raider (2013).

Okay, things get spoilery beneath this.

Never stops, with the moon. 

I'm not sure what this symbolizes.  Probably something awful.


  1. Each one of those would make a great wallpaper.

  2. Right? I'm miffed I didn't find out how to hide the UI 'till halfway through the game.

  3. If you guys need some recommended reading, the story's cribbing a lot from the Dunwich Horror and The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

    Spectacularly so.

    1. (Has a Lovecraft omnibus on his bookshelf.) Y'know what? I think I will.

      I read fucking Atlas Shrugged for BioShock, so this'll be nothin'.

  4. You know, initially I thought Bioshock was really unfair to Rand. I had a couple friends who swore by her and were smart, affable, folks. One actually volunteered part time at the Ronald McDonald house.

    So I gave Shrugged a shot. I even gave the saltine dry prose a pass and STILL couldn't stomach the stuff. Colbert was right, Rand's heroes are aggrandized Dickensian villains. I had thought Andrew Ryan a straw man while he was anything but.

    1. To me BioShock was an improv, and the set up was Atlas Shrugged. The rest was Tim Levine saying "yes, and...", and then spinning it off into wonder.

  5. exactly! And then he's all "But she did have a point about fucks like Fontaine."