Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Beat Bloodborne yesterday and immediately rolled over into NG+.  Then I figured, why taint the experience with my large stamina bar and yet larger weapon?  So I restarted.  I have decided quickly that I won't be using the Saw Cleaver throughout the game - which is a shame, as I love its style - but I love the moveset and stunning blows of the greatsword more.

I spent my entire lunch break today explaining its glory to a co-worker who has gained great insight into the maddening wisdom of the Old Ones himself, and had to turn away from the game for fear of losing himself to their Truth.  I shall re-obtain my cherished blade with all due haste.

On the one hand, Bloodborne is just kind of another Souls game.  It's true.  If you didn't like the last one, you probably won't like this one - but I feel it lives up to the accolades its received, and the fact that I'm aware of at least two whole optional areas I completely missed certainly augment my desire to continue plowing these most imaginative fields.  I want to take Alex's advice and read those two Lovecraft stories that tie in to the game well.  I want to eat every Madman's Knowledge I come across, and find out if anything happens when you get to 100 insight. I want to find out if you can get to 100 insight.

As with any good From Software title, Bloodborne has managed to obtain such a violently sure grip on my imagination that I can only tear myself away from it through sheer force of (ever-weakening) will.  But I must.  I must make dinner and I must finish watching Batman (the old one, with Keaton and Nicholson) with my beloved.

The Old Ones and their Truth will have to wait.

Fear the old blood.

Oh also, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was announced today for the new-gen consoles.  Which is cool, but - y'know - Bloodborne.

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