Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm loving the suspend/resume feature on PS4.

I've been using the crap out of it, lately, and the difference it makes cannot be overstated.  It's second only to just leaving your PS4 on - but no doubt that sucks a lot of juice.  The time from tapping the PS button to flopping back into Bloodborne feels like about fifteen seconds - an infinite improvement over turning the PS4 on, waiting for it to boot to the menu, entering Bloodborne, waiting for the title cards to pass, telling it to continue my game and waiting through those (quite lengthy) Bloodborne load times.

Nope, it's just boop - sit down, pick up the controller, and go.


I'm at the end of the game, again, and I've been experimenting with my actions and the insight system.  At first I wondered if you could get to 100 insight - you can't - it caps at 99, and if you use a Madman's Knowledge to gain more, it consumes the item and gives you no additional insight.

I've been waiting to see if it has some impact on the game's ending(s), but I got impatient and looked that up - turns out no, no it doesn't, so I blew thirty or so on items at the insight vendor.

Now, I find myself halfway done the game's final area - I'm at the part with the pigs and the guards you can farm, together, for like 60,000 souls/echoes per run - so I decided to grind levels, for a bit, to see if I could get my Arcane stat up high enough to try out some of those weird items like the Old Hunter's Bone.

This is straight-up Bloodborne's magic system.  I'm coating my colossal Holy Blade in arcane magic, now, before I fight anyone, and there's even a spell identical to the Souls spell that does no damage, but shoves everyone around you back a bit.  Bring on the bottomless pits.

I've got all these Chalice goodies and, I'll be honest, I didn't do a thing with them on my first playthrough.  Randomized dungeons?  Nah, I'll just stick to the beautifully detailed campaign, thank you...

...but those Chalice dungeons are kinda' part of the campaign.  It references them, constantly - the game's entire mythos was spawned from someone, long ago, meeting something, way down in those dungeons - and they do, therefor, feel a bit "canon" despite being procedurally generated.

There's something else, too... on this playthrough, I made damn sure to visit the optional areas I'd somehow missed on my first jaunt, and oh my God were they lovely.  The creeping fear and thrill of discovery that these games provide, when you're feeling your way through a new, trap-laden area, is unmatched, and the Chalice dungeons want you to have that sensation over and over and over again.

So now I've got my weird spells, I've got a sword that I can make glow with arcane energies, and I've got a potentially-infinite amount of content to bury myself in.

I think I shall.

Oh, also, y'know how I love this game?  How do you think Chamberlain feels about it?

You'd be right.

Also, Alex wrote a review that you should probably check out.  He likes it less than I do.


  1. But I like it so much! I think the poison accrued through 2 and a half hours of staring at the logo spilled out into other nit picky stuff. I was honestly taking naps in between crushing failures.

    1. I really wish it would show... Anything but the logo when loading. Mad screen burn on my plasma.