Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Music post! The Black Angels.

I been feelin' mighty low, lately.  Just... just everything, man.  I am down, and life has been kicking me.  Usually I'll turn on my mix list at work, and will sometimes dance around to other playlists as the mood strikes - but for the past few days, all I've needed to do is tap on my Black Angels playlist, turn it to random and let it go.  And it works.

It's what I need.  Check it out.

And now, to make dinner.

And then, in a desperate search for something that will spark the imagination of the excitable, gleeful child I'm quite sure still dwells within me, I will try Shovel Knight.

Did you know Shovel Knight came out on PSN today?

(Shovel Knight came out on PSN today.  Cross-buy.)  Like an asshole, I left my Vita at the office so I'm gonna' have to throw down on the PS4.

But first, Hawaiian pizza.


  1. You ever listen to soundtracks? Because, and I'm being 100% serious, The Chicken Run soundtrack has gotten me out of some ludicrously dark places.


    And you also caught me in the middle of building my ultimate couples tv play list. At the tipity top is Outlander. It's got the stupidly attractive romantic leads and mustache twirling villain set against the backdrop of the bloody Scottish revolution. It helps that the harlequin potting mainstays are all so well played you stop noticing. But the real kicker is how much the Scottish revolution and it's time travel story actually matters. And it's Bear McCreary's best soundtrack to date.

    I do not say that lightly.

    Penny Dreadful's pretty good, too. And I still think dollhouse never got it's due.

    1. "Pretty good"? Penny Dreadful is exactly what the couple's doctor ordered.

    2. It... it just...

      It throws a lot at the wall and Josh Hartnet is Foggy.

    3. but also:

      EVA GREEN. Eva? Green. evagreen.

    4. I feel like Hartnet's works well with the character.

      Also, evagreen.

    5. Also, it's coming back like May 3rd or something? And the season premiere has been on YouTube for a few days already?

      Yay! Between this and Amy Schumer, Kayla and I have some shows to watch after the end of Archer & Justified.

  2. The Chicken Run soundtrack is surprisingly good. I get a lot of videogame/tv soundtracks and sometimes what you get is completely surprising. Like one soundtrack I have from a game called "English Country Tune" (never played) is surprisingly pretty cool and doesn't really sound like country music at all.

    I find "too sunny/sunny" by the gorillaz a nice pick-me-up song though I dunno if you will. (It's the one that goes for 8 minutes on youtube.)

    1. Hmmm Gorillaz you say... I must look into this.