Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Defiled Chalice dungeons. Oh my lambda.

I think it's safe to say that I actually enjoy Bloodborne more than any previous Souls title.  Case in point: I'm still playing it.  I'm still mucking about in the game - and lately, that has consisted entirely of wandering around the chalice dungeons and seeing what's up.

If you thought making it through the dark, lovely city of Yharnam was hard, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  The first few chalice dungeons were obviously designed for lower-level players in mind, but before long I was in to some nice, challenging stuff - terribly dangerous enemies I couldn't just one-shot - and I was loving it.  Then, I found out that to get to Queen Yharnam's dungeon, I had to go through something called the Defiled Pthumerian chalice dungeon.

This.  This is hard.

Not the dungeon itself - that's merely challenging, and requires me to be on top of my game - but the bosses.  Two down, so far, and I've made it to the third - but these are bosses that stopped me in my tracks.  The crucial factor, here, is that your health bar is halved in these dungeons - which drastically changes the balance and dynamics of encounters you've overcome before.

For about an hour, yesterday, I threw myself against the Defiled Watchdog of the Old Lords, and he kicked the shit out of me.  Today, I tried again, and Kayla came in to watch.

This thing has multiple attacks that will, literally, one-shot kill me.  There are a few moves you can just eat, if you miss your dodge, but he has a ton of stuff with very short tell animations that will just - bam - end the fight.  Try again.

I finally beat him, though.

It was kinda' spectacular when I finally stuck the landing.  I haven't had this much trouble with a boss since the Ancient Dragon (an optional boss) in Dark Souls II.

And now... now I gotta' kill a super-buffed Amygdala with a gimped health bar...

[update]  Fuckyeah!

Now, to kick the shit out of Gherman again.


(Loving Bloodborne.)

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