Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why won't you let me take pictures of your nipples, The Order: 1886?

Y'all know I liked The Order: 1886 - and one of the things I appreciated it was the game's way of permitting itself to have adult situations without pandering, or appealing to the porn-informed appetites of lusty teenagers.

Well, y'know the photo mode that was recently patched into the game?  I haven't had time to check it out, yet, myself - Bloodborne's talons remain buried in my gamer heart - but it appears if you activate photo mode while any of The Order's three naked people are onscreen, those people just - blip - disappear.  Can't take pictures of The Order's ultra-high-fidelity dangly bits.

...which is weird to me.  The Order's a very, very rare game that has nudity which never feels exploitive or damaging - it feels mature in a meaningful way, instead of just a rating on the side of a box - and to have Ready at Dawn cover up one of their strongest and most respectable choices feels... cowardly?

Yes, cowardly.  Ready at Dawn, you made a strong, intelligent choice with precisely how you showed nudity in The Order.  What possible reason you could have for not wanting your good example to serve as a good example to gamers, parents and other developers around the world is elusive, to me.

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