Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Danganronpa-like story with Valkyria Chronicles style combat."

I've been aware of JRPG Lost Dimension for a while, now.  I heard about it when it was announced, I heard about the need to suss out the traitor in your party, that it's a strategy RPG, and I heard that Atlus announced the PS3/Vita title for localization (it drops in North America on July 28th).

What I'd never heard was the phrase - "Danganronpa-like story with Valkyria Chronicles style combat."  Which is... potent - and it's what GameTrailers dropped on me today.

So naturally I clicked the link and listened to Ben Moore explain the game.

Click the link.  Listen to Ben Moore explain the game.

Dooo ittt.  But if not, here's some point form.

  • It's an SRPG in that each character has a pool of action points for movement and attack.  There doesn't appear to be any cover, and combat is a mix of guns, magic and melee. 
  • Friendly fire is always on.
  • Interestingly, if you're not using up one character's action points, you can transfer the balance to another - which lowers the first character's sanity. 
  • Sanity is lowered by being attacked, et cetera, and when they snap you lose all control of them, but they give and receive double damage. 
  • You're trying to guide your party up a tower, but at the end of each floor you must decide which one of them is plotting against you.  If you guess wrong, that character will be waiting for you at the final boss to fight against you. 
  • If you accuse correctly and kill the traitor, they drop materia (yes, materia) which can imbue you with some of their powers.  Had to off your caster?  Well cheers, now you can throw fireballs. 
  • Each character has different gifts - the main character's gift is being psychic and can thus mind-dive into their comrades to suss out the truth in a weird minigame. 
  • Who is and who is not the traitor is randomized on each playthrough. 
  • Every character feels differently about every other character - including you - and this can be turned to your advantage, or downfall. 
  • When it's time to accuse, if you haven't maintained good enough relationships with your comrades, they can accuse you, kill you, and that's all she wrote - bam - game over. 

The game he's describing is absolutely a game I want to play.

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