Monday, May 11, 2015

FigureGAF is dead. Long live FigureGAF.

I've remained a mostly-lurker on FigureGAF, the NeoGAF sub-community which taught me so much about high-end Japanese figures.  I keep quiet, I don't say much.  I'm there to learn, for the most part, and today I saw the community get nailed with a crippling broadside.

Community member Colette, who was one of the most powerful and important personalities in the group - and easily one of the most zealous consumers of anime-related materials - got nailed with a lifetime ban.  She posted a link to a lewd, unfinished figure.  She mentioned she was getting something, but didn't say what it was.  Didn't want to talk about it.  Several other community members begged her for more information until she - after clearly marking it as not safe for work - provided a link.

The figure she linked to was not nude.  You could see as much skin at any reasonably-populated beach - but the character appeared to be quite young.  Snap.  The jaws closed shut on Colette, and she was permanently banned from NeoGAF - a forum that's notoriously difficult to gain access to to begin with.  The virtual home she helped build with her passion for anime girls in frilly dresses and swimsuits.

People have linked to much, much worse on that forum.  But in this case, the backlash was swift and decisive.  Another ban got handed out for, it seems, expressing a problem with Colette's ejection.  Then, the FigureGAF thread was locked, and my wonderful community and resource was silent.  I reloaded the page like, three times - I didn't understand what had happened, at first. The moderators warned the community that if they attempted to post their figure-related interests in any other thread (say, like, ActionFigureGAF or TomoPopGAF), they too would swiftly be banned.

The community immediately switched over to a chat application called LINE - the exodus began before the thread was even locked, in fact - which they'd been using to discuss stuff that wouldn't be welcome in the GAF thread for some time.  I downloaded the LINE app onto my phone (and then the Greenify app to force the LINE app to shut down when I wasn't using it).  The chat moves incredibly fast, but it's...

It's nice to see SNK and Freeze and everyone still enjoying themselves, and still supporting each other.  It's nice to still have that community - such a wealth of insight and advice and enthusiasm.  They're still laughing and posting silly anime pictures as punchlines, and a few of them are dive-bombing GAF to point out the hypocrisy of killing their thread when other offenders remain unmolested, and eating lifetime bans for their trouble.

I don't know what to call them, now.  They're the GAF crew.  Or were.  And I'll stick with 'em.

Oh, on a related note, Kayla's Ultimate Madoka Nendo came in today!  She's super-excited.


  1. I only rickroll if it's damn funny, sorry buddy.

    But come on, the jeffersons part was murder!

    1. Okay, yes, The Jeffersons part was funny.