Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Grand Kingdom for PS4, Vita from Grand Knights History director.

Remember Grand Knights History?  I sure do.  It was the first un-translated game I ever imported - a gorgeous turn-based strategy-RPG from Vanillaware.  Ahem.  Vanillaware.

Tragically, Grand Knights History's localization was cancelled when (North American publisher) Xseed couldn't get the assets they needed from Vanillaware to complete the process, as Vanillaware was then neck-deep in getting Dragon's Crown out the door.

Alas, GKH will likely never come to these shores in an official capacity, but...

...but Grand Knights History wasn't directed by (longtime Vanillaware steward) George Kamitani.  It was directed by Tomohiko Deguchi - who's left Vanillaware, and intends to further refine his turn-based aspirations in Grand Kingdom.  This is the only screenshot we have so far - a tiny scan.

It's so tiny and fuzzed that it's hard to even tell if those are sprites or polygons - but... but maybe it'll get localized!  Maybe we'll get that delicious taste of turn-based tactics on Vita!

Here's the details.

  • Launching in Japan this year
  • Set in a fantasy world of swords and magic, players will wage turn-based battles by commanding mercenaries.  Four factions are vying for control, and the player chooses the kingdom their mercenaries will fight for.  
  • It's listed as an online RPG, but
  • it "supports offline."  
  • "There is a system to expand your territory through repeated invasion and defense."
  • Fully voiced.
  • Basiscape (which handles all the soundtracks for Vanillaware) is doing the music (!)
  • Developed by MonoChro (I've never heard of them either)
  • published by Spike Chunsoft
  • development is "65 percent complete."
Man I hope this one gets localized. 

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