Monday, June 15, 2015

The EA presser.

Alright EA.  Let's see some fucking gameplay.

Starts off with Mass Effect!

"Discover a new galaxy."  Shows the land vehicle... prerendered... Mass Effect Andromeda coming holiday 2016.

"Over the next few minutes you'll see three original IPs."  Hm!  Now he's talking up Mirror's Edge and Star Wars.

Need for Speed prerendered trailer mixed with live action. Game runs on Frostbite.

Coming November 3rd 2015.  Now a trailer with live-action actors talking to the camera... and then it moves right into gameplay of modifying the car.  That is a very odd choice. A very unusual choice.

Racing is nice-looking.  Now Star Wards: The Old Republic is up.

"We are taking Star Wars: The Old Republic back to BioWare-style storytelling with our new expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire coming October 2015."

New worlds to explore, new companions and a dynamic story.  "In appreciation of our player support over the years, Knights of the Fallen Empire will be free to subscribers."

Trailer!  Prerendered.

Very BioWare.

Next up, Unravel... there's a little yarn person.  You play as Yarnie - it's a puzzle platformer.  The dev is super-endearing.  He seems so nervous and excited.  It's totes adorbs.

Ah!  Gameplay.

Holy shit.  I really hope I can find a good trailer of this.   Looks wonderful.

Now there's a guy in a zombie superhero outfit posing to Highway to the Danger Zone.

Now we're learning about the rich story of Garden Warfare 2. They're showing off gameplay.  Looks entirely PvE at the moment...

You'll be able to transfer "almost all of your unlocked characters" from Garden Warfare 1 into 2.  Coming Spring 2016.  There will be free content updates "long after launch to ensure that Zomberbia stays action-packed."

Now it's sports stuff!  Cigarette time, excuse me.

Still talking about sports.  Now they're talking about an app... that I guess lets you put your face in the game? GameFace HD.

Wow it actually... looks pretty damn good.  It's going only in this one basketball game though so whatevs.

Now they're talking up the animation system... which actually looks kind of amazing.  Very dynamic and liquid.

Now they're talking about mobile games.  I kinda' wish I needed to smoke again.  Siiiigh.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a CCG coming to phones.

Minions Paradise is a builder game (the little yellow guys from Despicable Me).

Now there's a soccer guy on stage.  He seems to be a big deal.

You're really losing me here, EA.  I'm going for another cigarette.  Don't talk about Amy Hennig's thing while I'm gone.

And we're back.  And it's soccer.

Oh God.  Can you die from a press conference?

Okay.  Okay I think the sports stuff is over.

Mirror's Edge is up!!!  Woooo!

"A revolutionary action-adventure game where you will experience the origin of our hero Faith."

It's... fucking open-world.  It's open-world.  You run around and get quests and oh my God yes.

Coming Feb 23, 2016.

Okay.  Did it make me well up?  Yes.  Was that enough gameplay?  No. I feel like they didn't show nearly enough after their media build-up over the past week.

And now they're talking about fucking football shoot me.

I'm just gonna' pause this and watch the Mirror's Edge trailer again.

And now Peter Moore is up.

He's talkin' up Battlefront!

Sounds like they'll have single-player missions against AI.  "If there's one thing that's come loud and clear it's that you want to see gameplay, which is what we're going to show you right now."

Well, that was... entirely wonderful.

Star Wars Battlefront is coming November 17th.

And that's it!  You nearly killed me with that sports crap, EA.

Annnd Ubisoft's in 35 minutes.

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