Monday, June 15, 2015

The Sony press conference.

Heeere weeee goooo!

First up - sizzle reel!

Shawn Layden's up - and he's got a bit of a beard!

"Sony is super sexy, all our stuff is awesome, developers are amazing and the PlayStation 4 is fucking incredible." (Paraphrased.)

"Our first game tonight has been long anticipated by the gaming community."  Holy shit... is it..?






Oh my fucking God.

Straight gameplay.

Still looks like a PS3 game to me.

But still... it's The Last Guardian.  It's gameplay.  Just pure gameplay.

Coming in 2016 on PlayStation 4.

Guerrilla games is up next.

It's set after an unknown apocalypse wipes out modern life, among the tribal civilizations that survived.

Holy shit the stone age folks fight technobots.

And then it goes right into gameplay!


Graphics look really nice.

Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Oooh now Hitman is up!

Yay!  Me likie Hitman.

CG trailer.

Simply called Hitman.  Kinda' looks like a new 47.  Made by (long-time devs) Io Interactive.  A console-exclusive beta will be available to PS4 gamers, along with exclusive contracts.

Street Fighter V is up.  Birdie and Cammy revealed. A SFV beta will be on PS4 on July 23rd.

Next up... No Man's Sky.  Pure gameplay!  Wow, the framework looks hot.

"Here we're at the boundary between two warring factions (space battle going on).  I could join in and pick sides."  Then he zooms out to a map, showing a bunch of points of light.  "Each light is a sun, each one of those suns has planets and ecology."  And he zooms.... out and out and out and out and out...

"Now most of these places have never been visited, and many of them never will be.  Over there in the distance is the centre of the galaxy - which is where we're trying to get to.  Now I'm going to to something stupid - I'm going to pick one at random and go there."

"So here we are in an undiscovered solar system.  Probably no one's been here before.  I can do a scan, and when I do you'll see points of interest.  That red one down there is a beacon."  He flies his ship down to the planet to see the beacon.

"Beacons are where you upload discoveries.  That's it over there behind that rock.  And this is the planet that we've just found.  This is Planet E3.  It's not the prettiest planet - I've seen better - but I've also seen a lot worse.  So I can do a scan, and as luck would have it there's no alien life.  Every planet is fully destructible."  (Takes out a ray gun and blows up a rock formation. - Fish are underwater.  There are some big bipedal robots...)

"We'll announce a release date soon, I promise."  And that's it.

Alex Evans from Media Molecule.

Dreams.  They want to recreate the feeling of lucid dreaming.  "Every dream is linked to others - sort of an open dream-o-verse."

Looks... like it takes a lot of work to make your stuff, and kinda' creepy/pretty.

Hm.  I'll need to see more.

"Next up is an intense mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness..."  Is this that Firewatch?

It is.  It is Firewatch - making its console debut on Playstation.

Now Adam Boyes is up!  We love him!

He's talking about Destiny's next expansion - The Taken King. Coming September 15th.

New gear, multiplayer map, weapons, exclusive to PlayStation.

Now we've got some gameplay of Evie from AC Syndicate.   She wields a cane sword. Okay some of it's gameplay, and then it goes into pre-rendered.

Some exclusive missions are coming to PS4.

"Now Final Fantasy has a long history on PlayStation..."  and wtf is this?

World of Final Fantasy - coming to PS4 and Vita in 2016.  Looks adorable.

"By popular demand, we have a very special treat for everyone."

Holy shit.

You are fuckin' with me.

You are fucking with me.

This is a FFVII remake.


Good God.

"Play it first on PS4."

Well... well, holy shit.

Oh Sony.

Now he's talking about Devolver!  4 new games making their console debut on PS4...

Ronin!  Yes!

Eitr!  YES!  (please come to Vita)

Mother Russia Bleeds - that's a new one to me.

Crossing Souls - never heard of that one either, but it looks cool.


Are you fucking kidding me?!

Are.  You.  Kidding.  Oh it's going on Kickstarter.

That's... weird.  That's very weird.

Sounds like Batman's up next.  CG trailer.  Burning Joker's body.  VA says "this is how the Batman died."

Hm.  Very cool trailer.  PS4 exclusive Scarecrow missions.

Now House is talking up Morpheus.  They've got a shooter from Guerrilla Cambridge... he's talking about PlayStation Vue... Wait... it will allow you to subscribe to individual channels without a multi-channel bundle... with Showtime... where Penny Dreadful is... and PS+ gets a discount...

Well shit.

Now he's gonna' introduce Call of Duty: Black Ops III.  Myeh.   That's okay, it gives me time to watch the full Eitr trailer.

...and they're still on Black Ops III. they snagged early release for all Call of Duty map packs a'la Xbox a few years ago.  Hm.

Now it's time for another sizzle reel... moving into Until Dawn footage.  And a little Vita mini-sizzle reel.

Oh yeah.  Vita.  Where you didn't put Eitr.

The Star Wars theme is playing.  A dude from EA is out to talk about Star Wars and Disney Infinity 3.0.  Myeh.

The only place you'll be able to play as Boba Fett "before the Holidays" is in the PlayStation Limited Edition starter pack.

Now Star Wars Battlefront is up.

And finally, Uncharted 4.  The screen is blank, I don't even need to see anything.

The screen is... blank for a long time.

Something will surely happen soon.

This is takin' a while.  There we go.

Oh God the controller's not working.

And the demo's resetting.

How embarrassing.

Why would you do a live demo?  There we go, now it's working.

Y'know... after three games, it kind of blows my mind that Uncharted's pulpy adventure action can still get my motor runnin'.

There we go.  Looks fabulous.

So no Santa Monica.  No Sucker Punch!



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