Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Square Enix conference.

Wow, this is a small room.

Just Cause 3 is coming December 1st, 2015.

A new NeiR is in the works for PS4.  Same composer, and the designer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Now they're rubbing Tomb Raider in my face again... which looks gorgeous.

And now they're talking about a new mobile game - looks like a Tomb Raider Go game for smart phones. Yep - Lara Croft Go.

"A turn-based experienced set in a long-forgotten world."  It... doesn't look bad.

Sizzle reel is up. HEavensward, Life is Strange, Dragon Quest Heroes...

Hm.  Kingdom Hearts producer is up.

He's speaking Japanese and the translator has taken a vacation, yet I feel I'm not missing much.  Trailer!

It's the... FFVII trailer from yesterday.  Again.  Okay!

But this time they're clarifying that they'll say more this winter.  And now they're saying that the PC version of VII won't come to PS4 this past spring like they said last year, but will come out this winter.  Oh, and they'll have it out on iOS sooner than that.

Ooh new Kingdom Hearts trailer!

Annnd it's an iOS Kingdom Hearts game.

God, you are the masters of disappointment, Squenix.

Kingdom Hearts X Unchained Key coming to North America.  The audience can barely summon the energy to clap. Okay, new Kingdom Hearts III footage!

It looks gorgeous.  Due out for release November 10, 2019.

Just kidding, they have no idea when it's coming out.

And he's got one more to show - World of Final Fantasy.  It's the (single!) Vita title shown at the Sony conference last night.  Same adorable trailer - going for a smoke.

Ooh Io's here to talk about Hitman.  I wonder if it'll be the same... wait, what?  December 8th digital release?  "It's a game where we'll release new locations, new missions, new hits at regular intervals."

...seriously?  A digital-only Hitman?

"Imagine a target appearing for everyone in the world for a limited time only, and you only have one chance.  If your target escapes, he's gone forever.  We imagine that the Hitman community will come together to work out the best way to eliminate these targets."

There will be player-crated contracts...

Hm.  Well.  That looks awesome.  December 8, eh?  Yeah, day one.

"Square Enix + tri-Ace new project."  Star Ocean 4 is officially coming to NA and Europe for PS4.

Transitions from travel to combat are seamless (they really are).   Oooh Deus Ex is up next.

Ooh an in-game trailer. Coming "early 2016."

Now they're talking about a Final Fantasy app.  Snorrre.

Squenix has a new studio... called Tokyo RPG Factory.  "The name represents our dedication to creating Japanese RPGs."

And now they're showing some art.  "This is an all-new console RPG.  This is not a spin-off, but a new series."  Project Setsuna.

...and they're expecting a 2016 release?  Okay.

And that's it!

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