Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Annnd preordered.

Unwilling to make the (in all fairness, very safe) bet that Atlus USA will localize Odin Sphere Leifdrasir?  Me too!  It popped up today on Play Asia for preorder - and that's more than enough opportunity for me.  Bam.  Preordered.

Gimmie dat sweet sweet art book.

Additionally, a touch more information came in today regarding just how much of a remake the game is.  This is no mere up-port, according to Vanillaware's Kentaro Ohnishi, speaking to Famitsu:
"Odin Sphere is a title that was loved and also one that was received with harsh feedback. It was made to be a successor of Princess Crown, but it ended up resulting in something that betrayed its original form.”

“I didn’t want to think ‘it’s just an old title, after all,’ and leave it as that, so I felt that the least we could do is treat it as Vanillaware’s newest title, and rebuild it once again.  On the other hand, I believe there are fans that greatly value the original version, so we’ve decided to add the original version in HD, along with the newer version, both together in one.”

“We’re adding monsters that we weren’t able to add in the original version as mid-bosses in the new title.  While they are mid-bosses, some of them might be made even better than bosses in the original version. Additionally, enemies from the original version have new AI, so I believe you’ll get to play with a fresh new sense.”

“The controls have an easy and familiar sense of control that you’d get from Dragon’s Crown or Muramasa."

So yeah!  You get the full remake will all the new bells and whistles of awesome combat Vanillaware hammered out through their time with Muramasa and Dragon's Crown, and if you want the vanilla (heh) experience, you can boot up classic mode!

Ohhh I can't frickin' wait.


  1. Wow congrats! Will you show us the art book in detail when you get it?

  2. Absolutely! Crappy cell phone unboxing pics for everyone!