Thursday, July 2, 2015

How the **** have I not heard of The Swindle until now?

  • Procedurally generated.  
  • Stealth action-platformer.  
  • Steampunk.  
  • Hacking.
  • 2D.  
  • A bunch of gadgets and such to collect. 
  • "You break into procedurally-generated buildings , try to hack all their computers and empty their bank accounts, and then leg it back to your airship."  
  • "It’s a little bit “best of both worlds”; you’re a stealthy burglar, and when things (inevitably) go wrong, you’re a full-on action hero."
  • Fuck yes.


And here's the crazy/awesome part.  It drops this month.  I have no idea how this slipped past my radar - maybe because it was announced over at the European PlayStation blog, with no mention on the NA site.  Yeah.  Yeah, that's my excuse.

This looks wicked.  Day one.

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