Monday, July 27, 2015

I pretty much spent all weekend watching Galak-Z coverage.

Like, over and over.  I watched Giant Bomb's quick look at least four times, in its entirety.  But there's more, man.  There's so much more.

I did a YouTube search for Galak-Z and tightened up the search criteria to the past week, and every major western site (save GameTrailers, oddly) has great big chunks of original footage.  It's a bit like that crazy weekend I spent watching streamers play Darkest Dungeon before the early access finally went live.  If you're down with Galak-Z (or just Galak-curious), check it out.

First up, Polygon - for the gamer hipster in you.

Second, GameSpot with a measly five minutes.

And finally, thirty awesome minutes with IGN.

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