Friday, July 17, 2015

Vanillaware to announce an "HD project" on July 20th.

Site's here, it looks like this:

So.  Atlus and Vanillaware - two great things that go great together.

The seed and the sprout positively scream Odin Sphere to me (where one plants seeds which  eat souls before sprouting and growing into plants before your eyes for a variety of effects and items).  Atlus fired off a tweet about it this morning, which simply reads
Which Google just translates as
"Atlas × Vanillaware, "new full-scale HD project"
Atlas × Vanillaware is challenge, "the new full-scale HD project" start-up -."
Pleasedon'tbeWiiexclusive.  Pleasedon'tbeWiiexclusive...


  1. Obviosly its Odin Sphere HD, doesn't it?
    A look a like seed, the same dialog boxes, and the same sound... remasteres, here we go again...

    1. Everything Vanillaware makes needs to be remastered forever. Even GrimGrimoire.