Monday, August 10, 2015

Chamberlain loves almost all of Galak-Z.

Ninety per cent of it, he said - and he should.  It's incredibly awesome.  It's amazingly fun.  But because it's a Roguelike, he's walking away from it before finishing the tutorial.

Chamberlain, you know I have a response to this, and it shall be posted tomorrow (I hope).  In the mean time, enjoy this .GIF of my awesome space mech adjusting course to stealthily slip in behind a pair of Raider Hyenas, smacking one with a charged energy blade, grabbing the other with my grappling hook, jamming on my thrusters, wailing on him a few times and throwing him through his friend's bullets to soften him up and kill him with the impact of his buddy's windshield.

Because that's the game I'm playing.

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