Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Galak-Z is out.

There's a ton to talk about.  Microsoft's showing at Gamescom turned up the first gameplay footage of Scalebound, which looks to be Platinum's first triple-A game since the original Bayonetta,

and there's some new Tomb Raider footage that I can't find a decent stream of,

and they showed off some Crackdown stuff, still trying to sell us on "the power of the cloud,"

and there's a sequel to Halo Wars coming,

and they got We Happy Few's console debut for the Xbox One, which I'm pretty jelly of.

Elsewhere, the good folks at Hello Games put out a list of forty-one things to know about No Man's Sky, and it covers a lot of the questions people have had about the game.  Definitely give that a read if you haven't, yet.

Oh!  The Summer Sale on the PlayStation store is kinda' insane, right now.  Road Not Taken for $4.50, Beyond Good & Evil HD for $3.30, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for $4.95, Okami HD for $4.20, Danganronpa, Danganronpa 2, Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 for sixteen bucks each, Pix the Cat for $3, And holy shit you can get GrimGrimoire for PS3 (Vanillaware's one and only RTS) for four bucks right now.

I think I'm gonna' throw down on those NIS titles - always wanted to try Danganronpa.  Oh also EitR is on the Steam Store now and Gravity Rush 2 might be coming to the Vita after all!

Now, the reason all of this is squished into a single post and not done up properly is because Galak-Z is out and it's all I want to do so bye!

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