Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hey Chance!

Hey!  Hey Chance!  Super Meat Boy is out on Vita today!  You love 2D platformers!

        Indeed I do.

Gonna' download it?

        Already did.

Gonna' play it?


Well... hey Chance!  How's Persona 4: Dancing All Night going?

        It's okay.

...just okay?

        Yeah, I'm not like, peeing myself over it.  It's okay.  I'll get back to it, at some point.

Okay, how's Ar nosurge? 

        Combat's fun.  There's a lot of "oh Japan" eyeroll stuff in there, though.

Like what?

        Like twelve year olds wearing fetish gear with their buttcracks hangin' out.  It's... really offputting.

So... not worth playing?

        Eh.  Combat's fun.  Story seems decent.

Um... well hey Chance, how far are you in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?  It's super-awesome.

        It is super-awesome.

Have you had the boss fight against-

        Whoah there spoilerboy.   I didn't finish it.

Well you're going to, aren't you?

        Yeah.  Probably.

Goddamnit.  You're still playing Darkest Dungeon. 

        I am.


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