Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Street Fighter V - Laura reveal trailer.

Yeah, Chamberlain, I don't think you're getting Blanka.  She even has electricity attacks.

*insert sarcastic quip about over-sexualized ladies in Street Fighter here*


  1. He'll be DLC. I just needed a charge character to tide me over and Necali will work for that.

    I usually try to stay out of these discussions, but isn't it a little sad that Mortal Kombat X has more reasonable female character designs than Street Fighter V? NetherRealm looked at what they did in MK9, realized it was a bit much, and got better.

  2. Well, NetherRealm is North American - we're a lot more conscious of the equality discussion over here. But it's a shame that the franchise that really represents the genre on the world stage is kind of... Oblivious.