Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It's called Valkyria: Azure Revolution and it's a direct sequel to VC3

So I was with Fallout 4 all week.  Terribly immersed.  Desperate to get back.  Time well spent.

Today I'm back at work, though - so it seems like a reasonable time to get back to blogging and OH MY GOD THAT TRADEMARK WAS FOR A NEW VALKYRIA CHRONICLES GAME AND OH MY GOD IT'S FOR PS4!

And they're remastering the original VC for PS4 and it comes with a demo for the new game and unnnng...

So, what've we got, so far?  Well, the above scan is pretty much it, in terms of visuals.  We've got a bit of it blown up a little... but not much of it...

It's a very, very far cry from the lovely brushstroke and cross-hatch aesthetic of the original PS3 game - and I hope these scans are the reason it doesn't look as "painterly" as it should - but you can see a bit of the original game's style in the glow of Big Sword Dude's hand and the shadows on the sleeve of Angry Smaller Sword Lady.  Elsewhere, the character designs bear little resemblance to the Gallian Militia we came to love in VC 1-3 (not being set in Gallia might have something to do with it), but if you look at the facial structure of the hero and heroine above, you'll notice feature placement and a certain sharpness to the jawlines that are very reminiscent of VC art direction.

What else do we know?

  • Coming "winter 2016" to Japan.
  • Of course a localization hasn't been announced yet - and given that it's SEGA, it's pretty up-in-the-air (but it GODDAMN WELL BETTER BE!).
  • The developer isn't SEGA, but Media Vision - who did a great job handling Valkyria Chronicles III, and made a name for themselves with a little series called Wild Arms.
  • A translation of the Famitsu article notes "the “Gouache” drawing system, which will depict the game with elaborate and bright looks, giving it a painting-like presentation."
  • The battle system is called "LeGION," and is described as mix of real-time and strategy. 
  • Character models by Flight Unit (the Atelier series.)
  • Chief Producer is Yoichi Shimosato (Shining Force)
  • Producer is Katsura Mikami (Shining Force)
  • Director is Takeshi Ozawa (directed VC 2 and 3!)
  • Character Design by Hiro Kiyohara and Takayama Toshiaki (they're manga artists)
Also, a demo for Azure Revolution will be available in the remaster of Valkyria Chronicles when that drops February 10th in Japan.  SEGA say they'll listen to feedback from gamers who go hands-on with the demo, and apply it to Azure Revolution.  

Please, patron deity of gamers, hear my prayer. 

Localize these

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