Sunday, November 8, 2015

Been a while since the last music post.

...mostly because I haven't snuffled my nose through obscure Internet sound archives in... a while.  But last weekend, I went to a wedding social - a Canadian construct in which a pair of soon-to-be-weds throw a big party in a community center, charge people ten bucks each to get in, sell cheap drinks and hold raffles to help ease the burden of a modern wedding's price tag.

There are two types of people who buy tickets to socials - one will go because it's a big party with cheap booze and a bunch of people you don't know to hopefully hit on, and the other will buy what are called "support tickets" just to give a little financial hug to the bride and groom.  I am, as a rule, in the latter camp.  As a rule, when people ask me if I'm going to X's social or Y's social, I tell them I bought support tickets, but "I'm not a very... social person - a-hahhhhh see what I did there?"

But last week, I went.  It was a Halloween social, so obviously costumes were involved, and I decided this was finally my year to go as a sexy kitty.  I had cat ears, rinestone-tipped whiskers and a tail, but a lot of people thought it was kind of a lazy costume until I held up my hands - each clad in fingerless fishnet gloves, with an adorable little pink "paw" pattern in the palm - and then they'd just lose it.  It was kind of awesome.

So the DJ was playing a song and I asked Kayla what the name of it was.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  It was a remix of Boney M's Rasputin.  I don't know if this is the mix, but the important part is it really lets the chorus hold center stage.

So I wrote the name down on my phone and pulled it up later, at which point I noticed a note I'd made months earlier, while driving around.

"Ell e king exs and ohs."

I'm like "wtf was that?"  So I found it.

So hmmm... lot of blues influences here, which - as a rule - I am fond of.  Unusual, gritty voice... let's see what else she's got...

Not bad... who is this lady?  I snagged the album, slapped it on my iPod and looked her up.

Turns out, this is Rob Schneider's daughter.  Yes, that Rob Schneider.  Her mom (whose name she took) was a model, and that's why she looks like a normal person.  Why a twenty year old has a voice that sounds like it was carved out by forty years of nicotine abuse is beyond me, but apparently Elle went to New York when she was sixteen, got a fake ID to get into rock and blues clubs, and honed her craft busking on street corners.

I don't know if that's true - the only album she's put out seems a bit too "produced," and you've gotta' wonder how much of it is her talent and how much is the team sitting behind her - but it's... not bad.  It's something I'll turn up when I hear it on an easy listening station.

Oh, and if you want a genuinely surreal experience, pop on some headphones with her album while playing Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.  That was a weird night.

Finally, I'm not much of a TV guy - haven't been for years - and while two days ago I would not have recognized the name Kate Micucci, I recognized her face.  Always liked her.  I think I saw her do standup once, and for a while she was Raj's girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory, which my parents watched religiously - but she's had a ton of bit parts.

See, here she is on Scrubs - do you recognize her?

She always plays the weirdo for an episode or two and then disappears, but I've always adored her in anything she's been in, and I turned on Netflix the other day to discover she's the lead in a newly-added show called Garfunkel and Oates, which is for all intents and purposes Flight of the Conchords with two American women instead of men from New Zealand.   Her co-star is Riki Lindhome - another "I think I recognize her from something" actress who's been paying her dues in Los Angeles for a decade or so.

At some point, these two found each other and... one kind of gets the sense that they were both sick of dumbing themselves down for people, and with each other were just able to be radiantly intelligent and funny.  It's awesome, it's hilarious, and I belly-laugh at least once an episode - which is quite an accomplishment for any modern show.

The show, though - as with the Conchords - is simply the result of several comedy/folk/indie albums the pair put out.  The band has been together since '07, and they've got some gems.

Oh, and here's one about good Christian teenagers doing it in the butt.

It's frickin' criminal that that show was cancelled after eight episodes.  These two should be millionaires.

I decree it.

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