Monday, November 30, 2015

Support Indivisible, you monsters.

They've revealed a new crossover character every day for like the last two weeks.  Today's is Red, from Transistor!

Okay, I didn't say nothin' when - in an almost-unprecedented move - Indiegogo gave Indivisible a twenty-day extension as it neared day 30 and the release of the PS4 prototype drummed up enough additional interest to push it over two-thirds of its (1.5 million) goal.

I didn't say nothin' when they announced Lea from Curses N' Chaos or Juan from Guacamelee - but this campaign has four days to go and y'all need to get off your hands.

I know what I said back on the 11th, but I'm not sure it's true, any more.  I think it might make it!  It's got four days and $210,000 to go - and in the short time I've been writing this post, its haul has jumped by like ten grand.  Every crowdfunding venture has a spike in the final days of its campaign - that spike might be just enough to push Indivisible over the edge.

Get in on the ground floor with this one.  C'mon.  You know you want to.  At least try the free prototype!  It's on Steam now!

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