Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Who's da kyootest widdow Dark Lord of the Sith?

You da kyootest widdow Dark Lord!  Yes you are!  Yes you are!

He just showed up in the mail today.  Shipped last Thursday - halfway around the world in five days.  I don't know how Japan's postal service does it, but they are mad efficient.

I am, for the record, very lucky to get Mr. Vader in his adorable Nendoroid form.  Turns out Disney - which of course owns Star Wars nowadays - has been causing all kinds of trouble for Japanese figure manufacturers and distributors because, for example, Good Smile has a deal with Disney to make Star Wars figures and sell them in Japan.  Specifically in and specifically limited to Japan.

So Disney is being all kinds of dick about Japanese manufacturers and shops selling overseas, because they know there's a booming overseas market for stuff like 'lil Vader, and they feel this cannibalizes their Western licensed products.

Well, Disney, maybe it wouldn't hurt your western figures so much if the western figures you licensed weren't

  • usually made out of fucking polystone
  • or crap 
  • tiny little jointed toys that look like an artist's nightmarish interpretation of the source material
  • and crap
  • obscenely overpriced, when it comes to scale figures (we're talking upwards of $500 for high-quality items) and, additionally, 
  • crap.
Meanwhile, for thirty bucks (before shipping), Japan can give me this: 

And if I want an adorably deformed Vader from a western maker, my only option is to spend twenty bucks on this ugly little fucker. 

Kill it!  Kill it with fire!

In other news, Kayla and I went back to the Comic Con on Sunday.  I to procure the Justin Curries I had failed to purchase on Friday, she to buy some Curries of her own, and this little darlin'...

A pink-yukata-clad Madoka cost her ninety bucks - but they scrap the tax at the 'Con, at least.  The crazy part is that's pretty much par for the course for any Nendo you're gonna' find in North America.  
I, for my part, nabbed Currie's Fear My Song twice - one for home, one for the office, 

Turns out it was made as the cover art for a charity music collection.  Pretty groovy.

and Sapling, which has been the lock screen on my phone for as long as I've had a phone, and required acquiring. 

And... that's the news.  Or my news, at least. 

Oh, also, the Indivisible demo is on PS4 now - so you should probably download that.  The daily take of any crowdfunding venture tends to look like a low bowl that's high on the left side - there's always a huge spike of funding at the beginning which tapers off as the month wears on, followed by a short (and far less lucrative) bump at the end of people getting in at the last minute. 

Indivisible is, at the moment, barely a third of the way toward its $1,500,000 goal, with eleven days to go.  Unless a miracle happens, it won't make it.  Period.

I mean, it's pretty clever to put the demo on PS4 towards the end of your campaign, to reach that audience - and it'll definitely have an effect and push some more contributions [update] like a fifty grand jump overnight [/update] - but I kinda' feel like most of the people who support crowdfunding were aware of Indivisible twenty days ago, and already funded it if they were going to. 

So this demo is probably all of Indivisible you'll ever get to play.  Might wanna' get on that.

Also, Dragon Fin Soup is out, so I'mma' go get on that.  G'night everybody!

[update] Instead I tried, and finished, the Indivisible demo.  Hm. 

Hm. [/update]

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