Thursday, December 24, 2015

Game Diary - Galak-Zeee!

I played the opening of Trails of Cold Steel last night, laying haphazardly across a love seat in the living room while my mother watched some Australian 1920s murder-mystery show.  The opening was good!  It starts with everyone in your team at like level fifty, so you can snuffle around in the game's combat mechanics and special abilities, and then it switched into your traditional JRPG opening, so I anticipated the pacing to slow right down and for it to dump a metric fuckton of exposition on me.

Instead, I wandered around this week's Holiday sale, and snagged Toukiden: Kiwami for twenty bucks on Vita.  Then I grabbed Volume for its sale price so I'll have a license for the Vita version ready to go when it drops in January.

Then I watched some Robot Chicken on YouTube for a while.  Their Star Wars stuff is pretty awesome.

Then I got to thinking about the Game of the Year discussion with Chamberlain.  Whenever I throw my hat behind a Don't Starve or a Mark of the Ninja, when things like Metal Gear Solid V and The Witcher III and Bloodborne exist, I worry that I'm... I don't know, being contrarian for its own sake?

So - perhaps just to assure myself, or perhaps just because I wanted to play a game that demands both everything and nothing - I booted up Galak-Z on my PS4.

The share button is a welcome addition to the new generation, I should note - not just because it'll finally let me take lossless screenshots, but because last night, at least, it ended up really highlighting just how remarkable Galak-Z is.  (Again.)

My capture options are set to a full fifteen minutes of gameplay, but if you were to look at what I captured last night - what needed to be captured - you'd think it never went over three minutes and more often than not, was maxed at forty-five seconds.  After (and this is not hyperbole, here) every single fight, I found myself holding down the capture button because that was awesome and someone needs to see it.

Then, thirty seconds later, I would drift around a corner and sneak up behind some Imperial fishfaces and oh my God that was awesome, I need to turn that into a .GIF.

By the end of that play session, I had saved 6.45 gigabytes of footage, because Galak-Z just couldn't stop being awesome.

It has been... a bad year.  Kayla tried to tell me that a few weeks ago, and I told her 2015 had some really nice parts, but she's right, man.  She's right.  2015 has sucked.  It has been a swirling cauldron of stress, and that's probably why I haven't written a review since Shinovi Versus.

But I am quite sure that there is one more game which requires one.

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