Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good move, Sony.

In the past 24 hours it was revealed that (legendary auteur of the Metal Gear Solid series) Hideo Kojima had formed his own, independent studio,

then it was rumored that the studio was in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment, and then that rumor was debunked as a bad translating job.  Today, nothing is lost in translation.

Bam.  I wanna' say this is a lesser deal than, say, Xbox One exlcusivity on Platinum's Scalebound, but... let's face it.  For three our of four generations, a Hideo Kojima game was synonymous with the excellence of a PlayStation Platform (MGS, 2 and 4).  This was definitely the right move for Sony.

Now let's see how much money Kojima wants, and how many delays the game will have lawls.

[update]  Now the word is the game will be console-exclusive to PS4, and a PC port will come "later." [/update]

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