Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The blackest of Fridays.

I didn't actually take advantage of a single Black Friday deal.  Kayla went out and got herself a PS4 Uncharted collection bundle, along with Fallout 4 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate.  She dove headfirst into Syndicate, and hasn't touched anything else since.  She's liking it, and prefers Jacob to Evie.

As for me... I wandered through Best Buy and debated Dishonored's "Definitive Edition" for thirty five, and Mad Max for forty... but I passed.  I also passed on Kingsman: The Secret Service for ten bucks, which seems like a mistake in retrospect.

Instead, I headed across to the mall where I found a copy of Bloodborne for thirty-five dollars.

"But Chance, you already have Bloodborne.  Is this you buying a double of a game again?"

No, that will come when Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir drops.  This was on account of a dude at my office.  He's been with us for about two years, now, and each year he only ever buys one game.  He spends all spring, summer and fall doing yard work on his big acreage far outside the city, and only in the wee winter months does he have the time to dive into a game.

For the past two years, he's just gone and bought whatever game I told him to.  Last year it was Far Cry 4, and in 2013 it was Tomb Raider.

This year I debated recommending him Dying Light or Metal Gear Solid V - Dying Light was probably the safe choice - but I wanted him to play Bloodborne.  I just didn't want him to go and spend his own money on my recommendation, only to discover it's... y'know - Bloodborne, and perhaps too challenging for his "casual" sensibilities.

So I went into HMV.

I just wanted this mug for its lumps.

If they had any Black Friday sales going on, I didn't notice them.  I ended up buying the above Lumpy Space Princess mug for obvious reasons, and a pair of classic rock and classic love song three-disc compilation CDs.  Then I went to the lighter seller/key cutter kiosk and bought some Zippo flints and wicks.

My Zippo had been acting like a jerk for weeks, giving me a lot of trouble with lighting.  At first I thought it was because - when I ran out of flints - I had walked into a local dive-convenience store (y'know those places with three-year-old frozen pizzas and most of its stock still in boxes, on the floor?) looking for them, and the guy behind the counter stopped playing his guitar and pulled an absolutely ancient, dust-encrusted board of old Rosinol flints out from behind the counter.

Well, maybe it wasn't those crappy flints - I think it was my wick.  At the very least, once I disassembled the lighter, threaded a fresh wick back through, added the official Zippo-brand flint and refilled it, it lights as smooth as silk, every time.

Then, today I got home, and no less than three items of far-east origin had arrived!  So all told, it's...

Nendoroid 515: Mako Manskanshoku (Fight Club Ver)
Nendoroid 538: Raiden (MGS 2 Ver)
The Greatest Love Songs Ever (3 discs)
Totally Essential Rock 'N' Roll (3 discs)
3 Zippo wicks (for the future)
3 packs of Zippo flints (ditto)

It's the first official, actual art book Vanillaware has ever put out - not counting the little sixty-page one that came with launch copies of the game (or preorders in North America).  It basically has every single boss, character, piece of background, weapon, item and foodstuff in the game, along with every single piece of quest-reward art and some super-cool old and unused concept art for environments.

If there's anything disappointing about it, it's that each hero only gets a two-page spread each, and they actually had more variety and poses included in the little preorder art book - but everything else is just, in classic Vanillaware style, sumptuous.

...I just wish I could read Japanese.

Oh, and here - have a catchy tune from like, the fifties or somethin'.

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