Friday, January 15, 2016

Graaand Kiiingdoooooooom is gettin' localized!

Wooo!  For PS4 and Vita!  Woooooo!!!

Grand Kingdom, as you know, is the spiritual successor to the only Vanillaware game (Dragon's Crown, Muramasa, Odin Sphere) to never get localized to western shores - and the only turn-based RPG the studio ever produced - the 2D tactical fantasy Grand Knights History.  Grand Knights History, of course, also holds the distinction of being the first Japanese-language game I ever imported.

It also holds the distinction of being the only Vanillaware-developed title that was not directed by (studio head) George Kamitani.  Nope, Grand Knights History was directed by Tomohiko Deguchi, a planner on Muramasa.

...I wonder why Deguchi left the company?  Either way, leave he did, and founded fledgling developer/publisher MonoChro, where he set about producing what is essentially a sequel to the only game from my favorite developer that I never got to play in English.

I imported GKH.  Played it a bit - couldn't get too far, what with the whole can't-read-Japanese handicap - but loved what little of it I got to taste.  Tactical RPG?  Love.  Fully 2D presentation?  Looove.

Grand Kingdom was announced last June, released in Japan in November, and today - finally - NIS America (Disgaea, Atelier, Danganronpa) announced that they're bringing it Stateside.  I am beside myself with pleasure.

Here, have some gorgeous screens.

Here, have a press release!

NIS America to release Grand Kingdom for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

NIS America today announced that they will be releasing Grand Kingdom in North America and Europe. Grand Kingdom is a brand-new tactical RPG title developed by Spike Chunsoft for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita which will immerse players in the life of a mercenary troop, and allow them to experience tactical and strategic combat in an immersive campaign, as well as online.

“We are very excited to be partnering with NIS America to localize and release Grand Kingdom in the West. Danganronpa has seen great success with NIS America so far, and we are confident that they will also do the best job of bringing the experience we envisioned for Grand Kingdom to fans. We hope that fans all over the world will support us and enjoy this new game as well,” said Spike Chunsoft CEO Mitsutoshi Sakurai.

“We’re very happy to be working with Spike Chunsoft once again,” said NIS America CEO Takuro Yamashita. “Our company was built on tactical and strategy games, such as Disgaea, and it is our goal to create a legacy of fans for Grand Kingdom just as dedicated as those of the Disgaea and Danganronpa series.” NIS America is well known for their highly-acclaimed tactical RPG series, Disgaea, which saw its 14th game, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, release last year to very positive reviews and brisk sales.

In addition to the announcement, NIS America released a teaser trailer for the title showcasing some of the game’s characters and settings. Hinting at the game’s mercenary life narrative, the trailer opens on a variety of the characters that players will have access to, and gives players a brief glance at each of the nations whose flag they may fight under during their time with this strategy title. Watch the trailer here.

For additional information, visit

Story overview

After the fall of the once-prosperous Uldein Empire over one hundred years ago, the Four Great Nations now wage war to claim dominion over the Resonail continent. Battles are no longer fought by honorable knights loyal to a nation, but by mercenaries who sell their services to the highest bidder.

As the leader of a mercenary squad, the player will lead their troops across a battle-scarred continent, overcoming obstacles and adversaries as they complete quests doled out by each nation. In doing so, they will unravel the mystery behind the downfall of a mighty empire.

With an impressive battle system that combines fast-paced action with strategic planning, and featuring robust character creation and customization options, Grand Kingdom is a Tactical RPG the likes of which has never been seen before. Assemble a squad of mercenaries, form an exclusive contract with one of the Four Great Nations, and participate in war with other players online for the future of Resonail.

But remember- in this new age of war, there is only room for one Grand Kingdom."
Now, today NIS America launched this little trailer for it, basically because it's all they can show without dazzling the viewer with a bunch of un-localized kanji.  For a much better sense of how the game actually goes, check out this Japanese combat mechanics trailer from last year.

Oh NIS.  Thank you.  So pleased.  'Specially after losing Not a Hero earlier this week.

Grand Kingdom was pretty much tops on my wishing-for-localizations list.  Of course, Vanillaware's next principal effort 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim hasn't yet been confirmed for localization - but given that it's being produced in partnership with Atlus, it almost-definitely will be.  Now, with Grand Kingdom, my wish list has dropped to like, two games.  Exist Archive and Uppers.

Okay so precisely two games.


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