Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hitman is getting a full release.

And a special edition!  As a longtime lover of Mr. 47, this pleases us.

Yesterday, folks had their digital preorders suddenly cancelled.  Today, Squenix announced that Hitman's latest reboot will be fully episodic, starting at fifteen bucks (US) for the prologue and Paris location, and ten for every subsequent zone.

Starting with a Prologue Mission and a Paris location on March 11th, followed by the next location, set in Italy releasing in April and then Morocco releasing in May. From there Hitman will deliver regular monthly content updates, including three additional locations; Thailand, the US and Japan until the season concludes in Japan later in 2016. With weekly live events and additional planned content in between the monthly updates.

...or you can buy the equivalent of a season pack for sixty, saving you a grand total of... five bucks.  How nice, Squenix.

They say the physical copy will hit at the end of 2016, but frankly I think this kind of schedule for a triple-A episodic is a bit... ambitious.  And likely to fail - but here's hopin'.  I'll drop fifteen on the first release and give it a taste.

Io Interactive haven't done wrong by me before.

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