Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nights of Azure gets a pretty beefy special edition in North America.

You can preorder it from the NIS America store right now, and it's a fairly sizable package - as far as special editions for JRPGs tend to go, at least.  The price, however, reflects that.

For one hundred of your (American) dollars, you get...

  • Nights of Azure for PS4
  • Full color, 40 page hardcover art book 
  • 36-Track original soundtrack with jewel case 
  • Cloth poster (57″x20″) 
  • 5 Mini art prints (5″x7″) 
  • Collector’s box (Includes all the above) 
And I am interested in Nights of Azure.  I've heard some troubling things about the Vita version from importers of the Japanese release, so I reckon I'll stick to PS4 for it, but the idea of an action-RPG from the folks who make Atelier is pretty appealing, to me. 


A forty page art book?  That is literally twenty double-sided pages.  I've seen game manuals with more pages - and recent ones.  A thirty-six track soundtrack in a nice, solid case is certainly appealing, but... well, what's on the poster?  Let's get a close look at all this...

Good start.

Naturally, yes.

Pretty skinny.

That's cool.  I'm down wit dat.

Little prints of the heroine lookin' all badass.  Annnd

you lost me.  No way in hell is that going on my wall.  I don't need or want that poster.
Imaginary Reader: "But chance, you have stuff like this."
Yes I do, dear Reader, and that's where it ends.  Still.  Glad it's getting localized.  But no.  No way in hell am I paying... $144 Canadian for a special edition where the only really appealing things are some mini art prints and the soundtrack.

Honestly I can't imagine paying that much for anything but like a...

...a physical special edition of Darkest Dungeon with figures of the Plague Doctor, Jester, Vestal, Grave Robber, Hellion and Crusader.  With a physical soundtrack.  And a huge poster.

That would be awesome.  Five days 'till the PC launch!

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