Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Not A Hero drops Feb 2 on PS4, cancelled on Vita.

The PS4 release date was announced over on the PlayStation Blog today, with no mention of the game's planned Vita version.  It's worth noting that February 2nd would line up very nicely for Not A Hero to take residence as a PlayStation Plus title.  It's also worth noting that developer Roll 7 (Olli Olli) took a moment to address what happened to the Vita port over on their blog.

They tried to be funny about it, but it ain't funny - or at least, not to me.
  • Mercenary Kings
  • Galak-Z
  • Broforce, and now
  • Not a Hero
Gettin' tired of this.  I feel like I'm already down and life keeps kicking me, lately.  Really enjoyed Olli Olli on Vita, really enjoyed Olli Olli 2 on Vita, was really excited about Not A Hero on Vita, and now it's just like

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