Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vita firmware 3.57 seems to be causin' some problems...

Specifically, it's refusing to let some folks access the PlayStation Store via Vita, and appears to be draining the thing's batteries like mad for no reason.

So hmmm (Kotaku), hmmm (NeoGAF), hmmm (PlayStation Forums).

Hmmmm fix this shit, Sony.  I think mine is (blessedly) unaffected.  So that's a strange good fortune, lately.

[update]  Nope hahah I totally have it.  I just didn't see any symptoms until I tried to connect to the store last night for Saturday Morning RPG (wouldn't connect).  Then I pulled out my Vita at lunch time today and its batteries were almost-completely drained for no reason.

Hey.  Hey, Sony.  Fix this shit, because Crypt of the NecroDancer comes out on Tuesday and I'd really like to give you ten dollars for it! [/update]

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