Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wanna' see some Darkest Dungeon screens?

From my latest sojourn into those inky depths...

Oh God no!  The wand'ring miniboss - The Collector!   What the fuck does he collect?!

Oh God those look like the severed heads and spinal columns of heroes just like my heroes!

Oh God they are the severed heads and spinal columns of heroes just like my heroes!  And they've been imbued with spectral form to strike back against their erstwhile comrades!

Oh God it was Dismas!  Dismas, the first Highwayman I took into my service!  And his severed head is now a powerful boon!

Oh God this raving madman's nonsensical wailing hurts my brains!

Oh good - Pieces is the only fucker in his party who didn't go insane on this run.  Then everyone else died and Dismas's head was once again lost to the haunted, cyclopean shadows...

...of the Darkest Dungeon!

Which, by the way, was nominated for three Independent Games Festival awards today!  Excellence in Visual Art, Excellence in Audio and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize!  If it doesn't win the sound and art categories, I'm prepared to say that festival is full of puff and nonsense.

Here, have some amazing music.

Oh!  And in other news regarding Dungeons of the highest-caliber Darkness, a certain little indie showed up on a list of the top-20 selling games on Steam in 2015 (numbers of units sold):

The numbers were put together by SteamSpy, which isn't official - but because Steam never releases official numbers for anything, it's the closest we're gonna' get.  I sure hope Red Hook actually pulled in 8.7 million dollars - they deserve it!  (For comparison, Darkest Dungeon's original Kickstarter goal was seventy-five grand.) 


  1. This here is a good thing happening to talented artists.

    Those are some solid numbers.