Tuesday, February 9, 2016

...and one for my homies.

Last night I was reflecting on my favorite GameTrailers moments.  The Shenmue III / FFVII Remaster announcement from 2015 is definitely near the top - and the "Turtledoves!" bumper from Mandatory Update never (not once!) has failed to make me laugh - but Kyle Bosman serenading Shu Yoshida (president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios) is definitely #1.

It's actually a... bittersweet video.  This is the video where Kyle reacts to the news that Defy Media had purchased GameTrailers from its previous parent company - writing splattered across the wall that GT was in trouble - and that the team would pretty much get halved.  He's pretty damned depressed - the family is getting broken up - and to lift his spirits, he tracks down Shu Yoshida, and sings a sweet-ass song to him.


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