Monday, February 8, 2016

It's high damn time we got a Night in the Woods update.

So not much of an update.  But damned if the following Twitter monologue isn't as charming as (what I've seen so far of) the game.

"Date to be announced.

Tell your friends.
Tell your enemies.
Go into the woods and yell it at the trees.

You might be thinking "hey isn't fall when all the big games get released? Aren't you worried about getting lost in the shuffle?"

To which I'd say "well, that's kind of up to you now, ISN'T IT?" And then I'd elbow you in the ribs jokingly and we'd laugh.  And then we'd look at each other and share a quiet moment, and we'd both know we'd silently made a date for this fall."

I suppose I should drop that last trailer in here, now...

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